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Agave Wheat Ale

ABV 7,5 | IBU 18 | SRM 14

This wheat style ale is double fermented with a large helping of agave nectar to produce a brew that is truly balanced between sweet, hoppy and wild.

As de IPA

ABV 7,0 | IBU 63 | SRM 9,0

Our India Pale Ale utilizes 5 imported hops to give it its unique aroma. While not the driest IPA in the world, ours is appreciated for its well-balanced body and complimenting hopiness.

Pazuzu Pale Ale

ABV 6,2 | IBU 36 | SRM 8,0

A strong malt aroma predominates this devilishly malty ale which also exhibits a slight fruity and spicy flavor from its use of Belgian yeast.

American Blonde Ale

ABV 6,2 | IBU 22 | SRM 5,2

A classic American microbrew style that is appreciated by many for its approachability, ours is an easy-drinking beer with slight citrus notes and light bitterness.

Centinela Stout

ABV 6,2 | IBU 34 | SRM 35

Brewed with a generous amount of roasted barely, this dark, robust ale is full-bodied with delicious chocolate and coffee notes.