Cuenca Gastropub

At our first location outside the city of Loja, you can find our excellent Zarza beers along with a great combination of Tex-Mex favorites and smoked meat offerings.

Alfonso Cordero between Miguel Cordero and Avenida Manuel J. Calle, Cuenca

(07) 410-3985

Zarza Brewing Co.

As the first microbrewery in Loja, since 2013 we have been offering a place for friends to get together to enjoy great beer, great food and great company. We always have at least 6 beers on tap here along with artisanal sodas and excellent Tex-Mex food and smoked meats. Come for a pint, stay for some pool and on the occasional weekend you may catch some live music.

Esmeraldas and Pto. Bolívar, El Valle, Loja

(07) 257-1413

Dosis by Zarza

Everyone deserves a daily dose of Zarza. You can find it now, closer to you in downtown Loja! The same great beer, food and music awaits you in our cozy spot on the 24th of May.

24 de Mayo 201-31 y José Antonio Eguiguren, Loja