Zarza Brewing Co.

As the first microbrewery in Loja, since 2013 we have been offering a place for friends to get together to enjoy great beer, great food and great company. We always have at least 6 beers on tap here along with artisanal sodas and excellent Tex-Mex food and smoked meats. Come for a pint, stay for some pool and on the occasional weekend you may catch some live music.

Esmeraldas and Pto. Bolívar, El Valle, Loja

(07) 257-1413

Zarza: Beers, Burgers y más

Located in one of the most touristic parts of Loja, this cozy place offers 3 of our delicious beers along with hamburgers and our awesome smoked meats.

Segundo Cueva Celi #93-32, Cdla. Zamora, Loja


Zarza Gastropub

At our first location outside the city of Loja, you can find our excellent Zarza beers along with a great combination of Tex-Mex favorites and smoked meat offerings.

Alfonso Cordero between Miguel Cordero and Avenida Manuel J. Calle, Cuenca

(07) 410-3985